Mugs are practical and long-lasting advertising items that are used for a variety of office, home, or on-the-go activities.


Glasses and Cups

Cups are used daily in the office or at home and are a practical promotional gift for your clients and partners. Advertising cups offer enough space for creative design and successful branding or product presentation.


Sublimation Items

Sublimation is a flexible and effective method with a huge color variation, with a unique or customer-custom design without limitation in quantity, with exceptional durability and weather resistance.


T-shirts / Textiles

Printing of banners and flags, sports teams, wedges, suitshirts, t-shirts, etc. Branding of finished products: towels, promotional umbrellas, mouse pads, cup pads, badges, and all kinds of sublimation products.


Cosmetic and Perfume Packaging

Cosmetic and perfumery packaging are important for keeping the products from external influences and at the same time for the marketing presentation of the product contained therein. They must respond to the desired target in quality and image.



The factory was founded in 1969 and to date the quality of Lubiana’s products is constantly appreciated through the numerous awards they receive. They use state-of-the-art technology and equipment, which allow the capacity to exceed 20,000 tons per year.



The German company Rastal is a world-renowned brand in the manufacture of glasses.
For nearly a century, Rastal’s production has been a synonym for quality and high class.
They stand behind the idea of ​​an exclusive brand glass that they first made in history in 1964. Learn more about this long-time partner of ours.

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