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Coffee shop REINHOLZ

For 15 years, Reinholz coffee has been offering on the market fragrant coffee with a lot of attention and expertise.

Reinholz’s founder, Haiko Reinholz, attaches the greatest importance to personal co-operation with the families of farmers in Central and South America: many of the farmers who supply green coffee are paid directly. Thus, coffee business became profitable for all participants.

Reinholz coffee is roasted daily in a traditional drum, very carefully and at low temperatures. In this way, most bitter substances and excess acids are eliminated from it, and the aroma can develop naturally. The result of the efforts is coffee specialties with exceptional taste and quality.

After roasting, grinding and brewing, it is time for coffee to be poured into the right cup. This is as important to the ritual of drinking as the taste itself. That’s why Reinholz choose rewerk.print to make their company cups. With a beautiful and quality cup, coffee experience becomes complete.

Tactical Outfit TACWRK Shop

TACWRK is a shop for the army, the police and the authorities and offers outfits, clothing, shoes, equipment and accessories from internationally renowned brands.

rewerk.printdesign was entrusted the task to create the outdoor lighting of the TACWRK  shop in Berlin – a high-quality stainless steel plate with a unique design.

rewerk.printdesign made cups for 5 different projects of TACWRK designers. The cups were packed in special gift boxes.

In subsequent orders for TACWRK, rewerk.printdesign also provided textile and paper bags with corporate logo and cardboard boxes for paracord bracelets.

Sports shoes 43einhalb shop

On 11 June 2011, two young, smiling and ambitious boys – Misha and Oliver, opened their first innovative shoe store in Fulda, Germany – 43 (43 einhalb Sneaker Store). Having gained experience as authors for various German online sports shoes, they inspired tens of thousands of admirers from around the globe in the blogosphere and social networks, and Ollie created his own brand of trainers flaek footwear.

By order of shop 43 / rewerk.printdesign made branding of cups on an individual project with specially manufactured cardboard boxes and cartons. Textile bags with the company logo were also prepared for the needs of the store.


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